TVC O’Donnell Moonshine

TV Commercial for O’Donnell Moonshine.
Shot in the woods on a dark winter night, sneaking through creaky doors to produce the best moonshine around.
Almost a hundred years ago in the United States the 18th amendment was passed banning the production, sale and distribution of alcohol. The clandestine era of distilling by moonlight had begun.

Farmers quickly began to produce Moonshine in their back yards to meet the demand of the smugglers and bootleggers who took great risk in moving the moonshine by night. They bottled in Mason jars so at not to raise suspicion from the authorities who were quickly hot on their trail. O’Donnell Moonshine aims to bring the spirit and taste of those times back to the 21st century.

ClientO'Donnell MoonshineWorkDevelopment & ProductionDirectorConstantin GrossCameraLukas SteinbrecherLocationBerlin, GermanyYear2019SounddesignLohrey & BenzCategoryCommercial

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